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Over the past decade or so, we have seen a large increase in the number of people needing to wear glasses and/or contact lenses. Whether this has something to do with our increased use of so called technological advances or just a neglect of our general health and well-being, doesn’t detract from that fact. Of course that’s good news for opticians and not so good news for us. It doesn’t have to be though!!

We go to the gym to exercise our muscles, keep in shape and generally look after ourselves. Similarly, our eyes need regular exercise so that we can keep them healthy and fit.

The problem is that we’ve been brain washed to believe that our eyes will eventually pack up. “It’s just part of the ageing process” we’re told and so it is that we just take it for granted that this is the case.

We first find it difficult to read often having to hold things at arms length away to focus. Our optician prescribes readers which we reluctantly accept but it’s the way things are remember. The next time we go for a test, our readers aren’t sufficient, so we are prescribed stronger glasses and that’s because our eyes are deteriorating “naturally”. It’s “normal” after all.

The problem is that if we start wearing glasses we do follow this gradual “degradation” of our eyesight requiring stronger and stronger lenses each time we go back for an eye test.

Consider this analogy – if we are training for a marathon and we keep running the same route over and over without varying it in any shape or form, our bodies adapt. They are brilliant at doing this but unfortunately we don’t get stronger or fitter either.

The same is the case with our eyes when we wear glasses. Our eyes adapt and we soon require stronger lenses to function properly.

I’d almost be willing to bet that you’ll find that everybody who wears glasses will tell you their eyes have gradually got worse over time rather than better. They will also tell you it’s because their eyesight is getting worse but this is not necessarily the case.

It doesn’t have to be because if we would just take care of our eyes following the Ways to Improve Your Vision Naturally, in most cases, our opticians would be made redundant. That probably doesn’t sit well with many and it’s just an opinion but I think we take our friendly opticians a little too close to heart.

There are always exceptions to the rule and there will always be people who possibly do need glasses whether that be due to congenital problems or some kind of trauma however I do sincerely believe most people who wear glasses do not need them or did not need them in the first place.

Whatever your stand is on the subject and you do wear glasses, why not try doing exercises and see what happens? What’s the worst that can happen – you still wear glasses, but what’s the best that can happen – you are able to go without!

The exercises I have found are in the public domain and have been there for years. In particular, I have to give credit to Marc Grossman after finding his articles on eye exercises.

Here are 5 exercises to strengthen your eye muscles and improve your vision


Speaking from experience, computer users blink substantially less than normal. This is especially the case when focusing with great intensity; when in deep concentration for example.

Blinking then is a simple way to keep your eyes fresh. For the next two minutes blink every 3 – 4 seconds. After you have done this, mentally take note of how your eyes feel, e.g. strained, relaxed, tired.

Now try and not blink for 30 seconds at a time for two minutes. Do you feel any difference?

Whenever you blink your eyes are going into a brief period of darkness which helps to keep your eyes fresh and discharges previous information ready for new information, this helps to reduce eye strain.

There’s another advantage to being aware of your blink rate which I found really interesting when I read this. It can help with your communication skills. How so? I hear you ask. Yes, I did too.

Can you remember someone looking at you intently? Did you feel threatened at all? You possibly did without really knowing why but you may have been unaware of the fact that they had stopped blinking.

This act of stopping blinking while staring at you, is actually a sign of aggression.

Conversely, when you are talking to someone and they are blinking at a 3 -4 second interval it’s a sign of a relaxed and friendly listener.

So next time you’re talking to someone, check out their blink rate to see if they’re friend or foe.


This is done to relieve stress around the eyes and as a way to relax your eyes whilst taking a computer break. Not a whole lot to it exercise wise but a whole lot to your working day just taking a few minutes out doing this.

Instructions for palming

  • Take a few deep breathes.
  • Make yourself comfortable whilst leaning forward on a desk or with your elbows resting on your knees.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Place your two hands over your eyes with the cup of your palm covering your eyes, your fingers on your forehead and the heel of your hand will rest on your cheekbone. Make sure you can blink freely and you are not putting too much pressure on your eyes.

That’s it. Palming gives you the opportunity to rest your mind and your eyes for a few minutes at a time.

Figure of eight…

This exercises your eye muscles and increase their flexibility. A simple but good exercise.

Imagine a giant figure of eight about 10 feet in front of you. Now turn it on it’s side so it looks a bit like an infinity sign.

Now trace the figure of eight with your eyes, slowly. Do it one way for a few minutes and then do it the other way for a few minutes.

Near and Far Focusing…

This is one of those exercises that you can do almost anywhere.

  • Sit in a comfortable position, or stand, this will only take 2-3 minutes at a time.
  • Put your thumb about 10 inches in front of you and focus on it.
  • Now focus on something else about 10 – 20 feet in front of you.
  • On each deep breath switch between focusing on your thumb and the 10-20 feet object in front of you.

This will strengthen the muscles in your eyes over time and improve your vision overall.


Another quick and easy one to do is zooming.

  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Hold something that you’re able to focus on at arm’s length (e.g. a pencil).
  • Focus your eyes on it, and slowly bring the pen closer until it’s about 6 inches away from your nose (you’ll start squinting as your eyeballs come closer together).
  • Then slowly move it back. That’s 1. Do this 10 times focusing on the object in your hand all the time.

This exercise will strengthen your focusing skills and your eye muscles in general.


And that’s it – Exercising done!! How easy was that!

I hope this post has stimulated your interest in natural vision exercises as it has mine. I am by no means an expert on this subject so please do your own research.

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